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What’s your Social Fingerprint®?

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Our course, "Getting Started in Your Company," will let you know exactly what your Social Fingerprint® is and give you nearly 100 tips to help improve it immediately. This course also works with any code or standard.

Brands and retailers can use this course to measure the social performance of key suppliers or their entire supply chain. SAI will even work with you to create customized reports that allow you to compare social performance by country or even product category.

Or, if you are looking to improve the social performance within your own company, this course contains the Social Fingerprint® survey and other tools and tips that will help you get started.

For organizations looking for a way to measure their impact, the Social Fingerprint® measurement system used in this course creates a great baseline that allows you to target specific areas for improvement. Now you can be more effective in allocating resources to drive change.

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